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Brand Marketing, Image Building
Brand serves as commitment, as trust and as standard. It is the voting of the customers for a company and the natural sifter for customers to tell the good from the bad. Xuerong is convinced that quality is what comprises the brand. During the last 15 years we have cautiously and conscientiously created a brand channel partners and customers can trust. Today Xuerong can proudly claim that it is the leading role in edible mushroom and the market can also admit and prove our effort by higher value.
Integrated Promotion, the Popular Sentiment
The establishment of brand relies on quality while the promotion of quality lies in the brand. The combination of the two can finally lead the popular sentiment.
Xuerong Biotechnology stick to the principle of “brand marketing”, emphasizing the brand maintenance and systematic promotion and keeping track with the trends. Focusing on the core, it integrates promotion, build the image by quality elevation and has made the brand rooted in the hearts of the customers.

In 2012, Xuerong Biotechnology cooperated with China's national gymnastics team and becomes the "exclusive edible mushroom sponsor" and "designated edible mushroom". The product will accompany the Chinese gymnastics team to participate in the London Olympics.
Xuerong is also the only company that has cooperated with sports undertakings and the only company in this industry that has its spokesperson. In the future, with the development of sports marketing, the healthy, ecological and qualitative brand of the image of Xuerong will be further elevated.
In September 2012, Xuerong biotechnology join hand in hand with China Space, becoming the only edible fungi enterprise in the industry that won the honor, the only food partner of China Space in Shanghai area. Xuerong will establish Xuerong space ecological mushroom laboratory with the Chinese Astronaut Center Space Nutrition and Food Laboratory, promote the concept of Xuerong's "Ecological Beauty Restored by Science and Technology" to acme, bring safe healthy, nutritious, fresh, delicious top space level mushrooms to consumers.


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