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Technological Engine, Up-surging Impetus

Technology is the productivity. "Ecology mushroom" is the new fruit of Xuerong high technology.
Technology R&D Center, as the engine and heart of Xuerong, is the key institution of the company. It comprises of authorative specialists and nearly 200 senior engineers, who have, through concentration on studies and innovations, acquired hundreds of patent technology achievements. The successful application of quantities of patent technology such as cultivation method of ecological cyclic utilization of culture medium has make breakthrough in production increase and convert rate.

Return to Ecology, Recovering of Nature

Xuerong ecological mushrooms follow strict ecological standards and scientific operation from seeding to picking. The whole production process is controlled carefully for the convenience of monitoring and quality traceability.

Top class science and technology is used to control the pollution in all aspects.
Xuerong adopts the global leading biotechnological "combined methods": "multilayer air purification system, ozone disinfection, ultraviolet light disinfection, high temperature & high pressure sterilization and sterile compressed air sterilization technology", in which pollution control is permeated in various aspects. Competitor pollution rate is as low as 0.01%, ranking the top in the country even in the world.

The whole process is monitored to guarantee the safety of production source.
Whole process clean:
no pesticide and chemical is used;
Sterile isolation: mushrooms are growing in completely isolated safe environment without the "attack" of any external pest;
Storage and transportation supervision: carry out whole process supervision and realize the true "no public hazard" production by "standardized package, storage, transportation and marketing system".  A "clean, safe, healthy and nutrient" ecological environment which is "most suitable to the growth of edible mushroom" cultivates a new generation of high quality edible mushroom-Xuerong "ecological mushroom" which is most closed to wild mushroom.

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