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With Fairness and Justice that can Stand · With Variable Changes that can Go through
Every successful enterprise has its own business philosophy, so is Xuerong! Xuerong Biotechnology creates its own unique corporate culture with its unique perspective and cognitive.  
Core Values:
"Only fairness is the possibility that can achieve the fairness in the world; Only justice is the capacity that can achieve the justice in the world; With fairness and justice that can stand and with variable changes that can go through". 
"Zhong" means fairness and "Zheng" means justice. Xuerong Biotechnology adheres to the humanistic spirit of impartial and upright, sets the idea of "Fairness and Justice" as the foundation of enterprise and with which to lead the enterprise's value orientation and create a fair and just human environment; Xuerong Biotechnology firmly believes that the survival and development of the enterprise shall comply with the principle of heaven and earth changes. Only the commitment to reform and continuous innovations can enable the enterprise to maintain vigor and vitality in the modifications of the enterprise.
"Fairness and Justice" as the main headings, assisted with "modifications", take the meaning of "Hardness with softness", that's the principle of Xuerong's operation and management; Xuerong advocates that "Every man of Banyan" shall be open-minded with iron hand in the velvet glove and the enterprise shall apply flexible policies, requiring carrots as well as sticks to both internal and external; The enterprise adheres to the mission of "Beneficial for staff", motivates staff with rich material display and provides the staff with the source and power of advance and promotion; Meanwhile, the enterprise implements various kinds of spiritual and cultural motivations and enables stall to obtain "Double harvests" of both material and spirit.


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