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Dear Friends,

First I would like to thank you for your concern about Xuerong. We are a modern bio-agricultural enterprise that is committed to provide the consumers with green, healthy and safe food. With the spirit of responsible attitude to life health and safety, Xuerong always puts food safety at the first place and is committed to enable the consumers to enjoy green, healthy and safe edible fungi products.
While ensuring food safety, with its excellent capability of independent innovation, Xuerong also has successfully solve the difficult problem of the mutual contradiction between edible mushroom industry development and ecological environment protection and has gotten rid of the dependence and consumption of large forest resources of traditional edible mushroom production. Through independent research and development, Xuerong has achieved important breakthrough of taking corn cob, rice bran and straw as compost for edible mushroom production, changing waste into valuable, thus to realize the greater circulation of agricultural industry by cyclic utilization of agricultural waste.
As the model of modern agriculture and bio-agriculture, while sticking to the road of sustainable development, Xuerong has always been committed to the modern, intensive, large-scale and standard development of our national edible mushroom industry and to make contributions to realize agricultural structure adjustment, promote national industrialized agriculture and the rapid development of modern agriculture.
As a responsible corporate citizen, Xuerong dares to bear the historic mission entrusted by the times. After the Wenchuan massive earthquake happened on May 12th, 2008, we respond to the national call and actively participate in the post-quake reconstruction. We go to Dujiangyan, the corresponding aided reconstructions area of Shanghai, build the largest editable mushroom factory project in Southwest which as the largest “Industry hematopoietic” project of Shanghai’s corresponding aided reconstruction to Dujiangyan, has displayed its functions of “hemopoiesis” and increased the capacity for sustainable development of post-disaster reconstruction.
We firmly believe that employees are our most valuable fortune, and have always been in efforts to continuously improve personnel training and development mechanism.   Meanwhile we are kind to employees and will share the fruits of development with our employees. In a word, we have never stopped such efforts.
Currently Xuerong is facing an unprecedented spring of industrial upgrading, a spring of unprecedented good industrial policy environment. Facing the future, Xuerong has glorious mission and heavy responsibilities; Facing opportunities and challenges, firmly surround the company's development goals, united as one and struggle to move forward, we plan to rapidly and steadily implement the development strategy of nation-wide layout full of hope and passion. Xuerong will continuously make commitments to the research and development of new techniques in the industry of edible mushroom with the spirit of “Unity, Solidity and Innovation” and the consciousness of responsibility of “Green, Environment Protection and Safety”, sparing no effort to shape a brand enjoying consumer confidence, take the mission of the revitalization of the national mushroom factory industry development and seek to become an industrial group of edible mushroom with the largest scale and the most competitive strength in the world and become a respected enterprise.
Hereon let me extend my most sincere gratitude and respect with all Xuerong staff to friends who favor Xuerong.   
Yang Yongping, President of Shanghai Xuerong Biotechnology Co., Ltd.



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