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15 years of the development of Xuerong with six great spanning that has completed the travel of transformation.
Starting stage: 1997
Shanghai Gaorong Foods Co., Ltd. was founded: the main scope of business is the planting, processing and export of edible mushroom and preserved vegetable.
Developing stage: 2001
The company headquarters was moved to Fengxian District, Shanghai and a "Fengxian Processing Center" was established to guarantee the stable supply of winter vegetable. The vegetable export volume of Gaorong Company experienced a rapid rise.
In 2002, Xuerong was conferred the title of "Key National Leading Enterprise in Agriculture Industrialization".
Exploration stage: 2004-2007
Shanghai Xueguo Gaorong Biotechnology Co., Ltd. was founded with the business scope of the production and sales of Enoki, which laid a firm foundation for Gaorong Company to set foot in industrialized edible mushroom industry.
In 2006, the company was awarded the title of "Model Enterprise Supporting New Socialist Countryside Construction".
In 2007, the trademark "Gaorong" of the company was selected as "Famous Brand of Shanghai".
In 2007, the company was elected as the chairman unit of "Shanghai Vegetable Industry Association", the executive director and vice-chairman unit of "China Chamber of Commerce for Import / Export of Foodstuffs, Native Produce and Animal By-Products" (CFNA) and the president unit of “Vegetable Branch of CFNA”.
Diversified integration stage: 2008
Shanghai Gaorong Biotechnology Co., Ltd. was founded to expand the product range of the company to the production and sales of Brown Shimeji and White shimeji mushroom.
Strategic layout stage: 2009-2010
The company build field factories in Chengdu and Changchun besides headquarters, start the first step of Xuerong's National expansion strategy.

In 2009, "Xuerong" brand Enoki was awarded as "Shanghai Famous Brand Product" and the gold award on the 7th "Shanghai International Agricultural Product Fair".
Raid expansion stage: 2011 until now
Since the production and semi-industrial production mode of the domestic traditional edible mushroom is coming to an end, the industrialized production of edible mushroom will have a development space of 15~20 times in the coming 10 years with the annual industrial output value of more than 100 billion RMB. With respect to the industrialization rate of edible mushroom, Europe has achieved 100% and Japan has achieved 80%, while China has only achieved 3%. Facing such promising development space, Xuerong will be down-to-earth and consolidate step by step.

In 2011, Xuerong established production bases in Changchun, Shandong Province and Huizhou. Its product range also extends to Eryngii mushroom and Cultivated mushroom, etc., which is developing more diversified.
In the same period, Xuerong purchased mechanical equipment factory and arranged for product deep processing factory and raw material factory to enhance the stability of industrial chain and further improve the market competitiveness.
In 2011, "Xuerong" was awarded the honorary title of "Advanced Group Supporting Dujiangyan Post-disaster Reconstruction".
In 2011, "Xuerong" was awarded the best influence enterprise award issued by "Enterprise Channel of".
In 2001, “Xuerong” was honored the second in the yearly 100 most promising enterprise by CVAwards.
In 2012, "Xuerong" was selected as "Shanghai Famous Brand".

Today's Xuerong is deeply rooted full of leaves and vigor.


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